Flat Chested Keira Knightly is WYSIWYG

cialis low price />Fellows like girl watching the world over. Gosh, girls like girl watching. From my experience, men will start in the middle then work their way up or down. British actress Keira Knightly is telling the British tabloids – WYSIWYG.

Enough with enhancing of photos! She says. No more making her breasts look larger than life, um, than they really are.

She is ‘proud’ of her modest assets.

“She has insisted that her figure stay in its natural state. She is proud of her body and doesn’t want it altered. “But she looks flat-chested throughout the whole movie.”

Keira says, “I would love to have boobs! I’m never going to get them. I’m naturally who I am.”

Ask me! Ask me! What I think. I like people who have confidence and acceptance with what God has given them. Kudos to Keira Knightly for

being that way. And, if nobody wants her because of her ‘lack of assets’ then come see me. I’ll introduce you to buy cialis my kids.


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